Christian debt settlement services provide Christian credit card debt relief
Christian debt settlement services offer Christian credit card debt negotiation

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Unsecured Debts That Qualify for the Program:
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IRS/State Taxes
Student Loans
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Child Support
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Christian-Debt-Settlement-Services is a Christian owned website whose mission is to direct Christians to credit card debt relief resources that will assist them with the Christian credit card debt help they need. This debt services site provides valuable information about Christian debt relief options as well as a debt reduction calculator that allows you to assess your current financial situation.
Our Christian debt settlement companies provide Christian debt relief solutions that allow you to rebuild a healthy financial future. We work with only the best and most reputable Christian debt settlement services available. You will receive a personalized debt relief plan that lets you evaluate if Christian debt settlement may be a debt reduction option that is right for you.

Our Christian debt settlement affiliate offers a free review and detailed consultation to analyze your credit card debt as well as any other unsecured debts. A certified debt arbitrator from our Christian debt settlement affiliate will contact you promptly. All information is kept confidential. With over 10 years experience in the debt settlement industry, this Christian credit card debt relief service has helped thousands of Christian families find relief from credit card debt! Let Christian Debt Settlement Services be a part of relieving your financial burden, reducing your credit card debt, and guiding you down the road to the new "debt free" life that awaits you!


Christian Debt Settlement, also known as Christian credit card debt negotiation, is considered to be the fastest and least expensive method to get out of credit card and unsecured debt problems. It is an aggressive approach to reducing credit card debt and is best suited to Christians who have been under severe financial strain and are exploring bankruptcy as a possible alternative.

Debt settlement, by definition, is a negotiation process whereby the debt settlement company approaches your creditors with “offers” that are significantly less than the balance you owe. The creditors review these offers and an agreement is reached that allows you, the debtor, to payoff the current balance for “less than” the full amount owed. This “negotiating down” of the current balance is the source of the commonly used term, credit card debt negotiation. For more information about Christian debt settlement services and settling your debts for a percentage of what you owe, Click Here.


If you have at least $10,000 in unsecured debts that need to be resolved, debt settlement may be an option you should consider. Debt settlement programs accept not only credit card debt and department store cards, but they will also include collection accounts, medical/hospital bills, auto repossessions, and unsecured bank loans.

If you are continually struggling to “make ends meet”, keep in mind that the Christian debt settlement program designs are individualized to take your financial situation into account. The goal is to reduce the extreme financial pressure you have been under and still resolve your credit card debt problem quickly. Debt settlement is both a legal and a moral way Christians often seek to provide the credit card debt relief that is desperately needed. Creditors are willing to “settle” the balance of a debt if they realize the debtor is in severe hardship and is facing the possibility of bankruptcy as the only solution to their debt and credit problems. Christian debt settlement is a viable alternative to filing bankruptcy and is less damaging to your credit.

If you find yourself struggling every month to meet even your minimum credit card debt payment obligations, or you have been late on payments, and are now incurring high interest rate charges, this is an option you should add to your list of Christian credit card debt relief solutions. To review our most frequently asked questions about Christian credit card debt help and the different solutions that are available to Christian families, Click Here.


Christian Debt Relief Assistance available for all states including California, Florida, New York, and Texas.
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